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hi hello i'm kevin (or capricorn)! this is my personal site!! i'm working on a really big web based semi-interactive horror project right now (hosted on this very site!) but it's still under construction. it looks like this page isn't being updated but i promise i'm here!!

a little about me: i'm twenty four. i'm really into emo/emo adjacent music (it's my favorite thing on the planet) and culture. i've actually been into emo music since i was 5 years old xoxo. my chemical romance is my favorite band but i hardly listen to them anymore because i like indie shit too. also getting more into goth music. one day i'll make a music recommendation page... i'm also into the old internet & old computers!! my specific branch of interest is windows 98 SE era internet and aesthetics. i've got a gateway essential 400c PC i'm fixing up (gradually) to be a sleeper but it's pretty slow-going right now.

i'm also a mime! my mime character's name is capricorn (you can call me either kevin or capricorn. or vaerael! i don't mind!). i will say i'm not very good at it but i'm studying and i've got different motivations with cap than a traditional mime.

another thing i'm into is arthurian legend. i like medieval history a lot and aspire to become a college professor teaching that, but my specific interest is arthuriana. would absolutely love for recommendations irt modern/(-ish) adaptations of arthurian legend! i dont care about historical accuracy because arthuriana isn't real and it spans hundreds of years. also i'm a sucker for magic and dragons ;3

anyways thank you for reading!! the windows on this page are draggable and eventually i'm going to be changing it up so the desktop icons actually work. its still coming together... stay tuned!!

current icons are an edited image by neil cicierega's windows95tips but its just a placeholder. hail to the king of the net. stan lemon demon for unbalanced humours.

link me!

also if you have an 88x31 site button you want me to use on here (especially mutual followers here on neocities!) hit me up! i just think theyre neat

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